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The biowaste management solution

Crane Lifted Composter

For pre-treatment of bio-waste as close as possible to the source.

An aberrant observation...

Today 1/3 of household waste bins are bio-waste composed of 80% water… …And are incinerated or buried! (source: ADEME). Collecting and transporting bio-waste is a significant and unnecessary expenditure of energy and CO2.

A legislative framework in favor of the recovery of biowaste

In France, the AGEC law of February 10, 2020: regulatory obligation to recover biowaste from January 2023 for professionals generating +5T of biowaste per year.**

This obligation will be extended to all professionals and individuals from January 2024.

The solution: The crane lifted composter, an adequate and reliable technical response to manage bio-waste.

  • Craneable, delivered ready to use: single hook grip (or possibility of Kinshofer grip on request)

  • Minimum footprint: 1m2 of floor space for 800l of useful volume (for impact +/- 150 people)

  • Integrated anti-rodent system

  • Rapid emptying system: 1 collection per month by truck: evolupac, open skip or vl crane 3.5t

  • Strong and durable: stainless steel, galvanized steel, and 18mm thick wood.

  • Practical, easy to set and manage: capacity of up to 7t of fresh input per composter per year

  • Collection: up to 40 composters / day

  • Integrated ground tanks for the aerobic digestion process without juice or odor, ensuring adequate carbon intake

  • Made in France

Composteur Grutable Complementerre Camion Grue

The advantages of the crane lifted composter at a voluntary drop-off point:


Reduced collection rounds

Collection frequency reduced to once per month

Ultra-fast mechanized emptying system by Evolupac, open skip or VL crane 3.5t


Reduced water consumption

No cleaning required

No water consumption for washing the composter


Ease of management in urban areas

Installation possible on all types of ground (concrete, gravel, lawn, etc.)

Minimum space requirement: 1m2 of floor space for 150 inhabitants

Integrated shredded material reserve


Creating quality compost

Aerobic biological process, juice-free and odorless

Compatible biological organic amendment NFU44051

Composteurs Grutables Usine

The crane lifted composter, a solution already tested and validated with consistent and lasting results

  • Management tested and validated in urban, touristic and mountain areas

  • Massive, efficient and pragmatic development of local bio-waste management: 1 composting site for 150 inhabitants

  • A proven protocol for immediate buy-in and participation of residents and waste producers: reduction noted up to 7t per composting site

  • Biowaste capture rate up to 45kg per inhabitant

Local authorities, the main actors concerned

“Efficient collectible composters and an invested public. »

Anthony Leroy,

Crane Operator Driver - Collection Service

Grand Chambéry

  • Deploy the Craneable Composter in your Territory for efficient and pragmatic bio-waste management

  • Achieve the reduction and recycling objectives set by the AGEC law

  • Optimize waste management

  • Produce a quality amendment locally to enrich the soil

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